Ayurvedic Recipes

Gingered Carrot Soup (serves 4)

With cooler weather approaching and the winter season just around the bend, this is a good time to start incorporating more soup into your diet. Soup can be very nourishing, warming, easy to digest and simple to prepare. The recipe below is one of our favorites. Gingered carrot soup can slightly provoke pitta, however it is pacifying for vata and kapha and therefore good for fall and winter seasons. By reducing the use of ginger and increasing fennel in this soup, persons experiencing a pitta imbalance can enjoy it in moderation.

First prepare ginger tea by combining 6 cups
of water with 2 TBS. grated ginger root and
1 tsp. fennel seed. Boil and set aside for 10-15 min., strain and remember to save the grated ginger and fennel. Then wash a small bag of carrots, peel and chop them.

In a large stock pot saute ginger and fennel
(saved from the tea) in about 2 tsp. of ghee.
Add the chopped carrots, 4 cups ginger tea and 2 cups water and boil until the carrots are very soft. Then blend in a blender until very smooth. You may need to add more ginger tea depending on how thick you want your soup. Salt to taste.

A variation is the use of butternut squash, great for pitta individuals; or for a unique taste try combining the carrots with the squash.

Play with it, but most of all enjoy it!