Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic Cleansing program designed to remove unwanted toxins from the tissues and restore energy and vitality for the individual. There are three phases to Panchakarma. The first phase is Purvakarma which consists of Ayurvedic bodywork, steam therapies and herbal supplements to help the body loosen toxins that have accumulated in the tissues. This phase requires a minimum of 7 days before the toxins can be easily eliminated. The second phase is Panchakarma. This is when the toxins are eliminated with the help of herbal supplements. After the body has been cleaned out then the third phase - Prashat Karma - is initiated to help rejuvenate the tissues and restore energy.
Dr. Joshi has been a practicing Ayurvedic Physician specializing in Panchakarma since 1982 and offers a program that involves a minimum of 8 days of PK. The 8-day program is administered at his New Mexico clinic and the longer protocols, 42 days maximum, are offered at his center in Nagpur, India. For a detailed explanation of Panchakarma we recommend Dr. Joshi's book - Ayurveda and Panchakarma - available from Lotus Press. For more information on the Panchakarma Program please contact us at our India or New Mexico facility.