Please contact Vinayak Ayurvedic Herbals for the requirements to have seminars presented at your local facilities.
Introduction to Ayurveda:
A weekend seminar designed to give students a strong foundation on the principles of Ayurveda. Learn about the philosophy behind Ayurveda and it's relationship with the sister science of Yoga. At the completion of this seminar you will have a firm understanding of the doshas and how to use diet and lifestyle to maintain better health and balance of mind and body.
Ayurvedic Cooking:
Learn the principles behind Ayurvedic cooking so that you can manage your own nutritional protocol. By being able to recognize the qualities, tastes and properties of foods you can make the necessary adjustments in your diet to keep the doshas in balance. This is a hands-on class that involves preparation of meals as well as recipes. Come enjoy the food and learn how to take better care of yourself by following an Ayurvedic diet.
Vata Management:
Classes will consist of a combination of theoretical understanding and practical application of the elements of Panchakarma that are used to pacify Vata Dosha. The structure of this workshop will combine classroom instruction with practical training of the various Ayurvedic methods used to balance Vata. Topics to be covered include snehan, swedan and shirodhara. A basic knowledge of Ayurveda is required to participate in this seminar and we will be using Dr. Joshi's book, Ayurveda and Panchakarma, as the accompanying text.